Hey everybody! I’m Holly Cooper, founder and creator of the Seattle Elderberry brand. I’m a wife, a mom to three young kids, and a Barre3 addict. I’m obsessed with creating products that are INCREDIBLE. I’ve spent a lot of time sourcing organic ingredients that I’m proud to put into my own body. We are a woman-owned, eco-conscious company. We take the time to use packaging and materials that are fully recyclable or compostable so that we can keep this Earth looking her best. You can find me in the kitchen, whipping up new recipes (and tinkering with new products!) I love spending time on the shores of one of Seattle’s numerous beaches.

I’m seriously so stoked that you’re here. I absolutely LOVE connecting with my customers, so shoot me a message! I’m here for you!

Be well,
Holly Cooper


And if you’re curious about how Seattle Elderberry got started… read on!

I started making elderberry syrup for my family back in 2013 as a natural way to help boost our immunity. Soon, I started making syrup for friends when we were living in Cincinnati, OH. When we moved to Seattle in 2016, I started making syrup for the few friends and neighbors we met in our new city. Fast forward to 2017, and word has spread about Seattle Elderberry syrup, so I launched our website and things took off! We’ve grown our product line to 5 products with Subscription options available!

It’s been such a fun journey to see this little business grow from hobby into a real, small business. We’ve got some big things in store in the coming year, so subscribe to our e-mail list so that you never miss an update!