Pregnancy. Breastfeeding and Elderberry

elderberry and pregnancy  

Some of our most commonly asked questions are:
Can I take Elderberry while Pregnant?
Can I take Elderberry while Breastfeeding?
How do I take Elderberry Syrup?

DISCLAIMER: We are not medical professionals. We advise you to speak with your medical professional if you have further questions. Please be sure to tell your medical professional all of the medications/supplements you are taking in the event that you experience an unlikely reaction.


Should you take elderberry syrup during pregnancy? A quick internet search may leave you with more questions than answers. In short, like many other herbal supplements, elderberry has not been extensively studied in pregnant women. 

That’s one reason it’s difficult to find a straight answer. Elderberry is “generally regarded as safe”. There are no current studies looking specifically at elderberry use during pregnancy. There is one study that suggests a pregnant woman’s immune system is EXTRA stimulated in response to inflenza viruses (Stanford). Elderberry also acts as an immune stimulant, so there is a possible question at “how much stimulation is too much”, but there are not any evidence based answers at this point in time. This is one of those grey areas.

If we take a more historic look at elderberry use during pregnancy, there are many herbalist books and records of elderberry being an herb of choice during pregnancy:
Note, these are just further reading for you!

I personally HAVE used elderberry during 2 of my 3 pregnancies (didn’t know about it with my first child!) After doing my own research, I felt that elderberry was a safe option for me. We have MANY expecting customers who also use our elderberry during pregnancy. Our syrups are made with simple, organic ingredients. If you notice an adverse reaction or side effect (though rare), please contact your health care provider.

If you’re still not sure about using elderberry during pregnancy, here are some other interventions to research:

  • Symptom management (letting the virus run it’s course, but easing symptoms with OTC medications)
  • Prescription antiviral medications (read through this link with a grain of salt- the “trials” that are referenced are not large, long-term trials)
  • Other herbal supplements

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Should you take elderberry syrup while breastfeeding a child? Elderberry use during breastfeeding is generally regarded as safe! This link from NCBI link tells a bit more about breastfeeding and elderberry. One of my FAVORITE evidence-based breastfeeding resources is, and they shared this well written article on cold and flu supplements to use while breastfeeding from San Diego Breastfeeding Center. Feed on, mama!