Audiobook Partnership is the first and only audiobook company where customers can purchase audiobooks directly from your local bookstore.

Beyond supporting communities, the digital nature of audiobooks also means good things for our environment (we like to keep things "green" over here!)

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Here are 7 Reasons to Listen with

1  Support Local Bookstores
When you choose, you get to purchase audiobooks
directly through your local bookstore of choice.

2  Enjoy Expert Bookseller Recommendations offers real recommendations from real people rather
than from algorithms.

3  Own Your Audiobooks
We are 100% DRM-Free. With you actually own each
audiobook purchased and have the freedom to download and
listen on any device you like.

4  Get 2 Free Audiobooks
Use “ELDERBERRY” and get 2 free audiobooks when you start
a monthly membership. That’s $14.99 for 3 audiobooks.

5  Talk to Real People is staffed by real people who love local bookstores,
audiobooks, and customers. Reach us at and
we will get back to you, day or night. (It's true, my friend Steph works for them!)

6  Create Local Jobs
When you support your local bookstore, you’re supporting
the individuals who work there and so much more.

7  Support Local Bookstores
We think this reason deserves *two* mentions, find your local
bookstore at and get started.