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You’ve come to the right place if you’re wondering HOW you should take your elderberry syrup!
First of all- we’ll say this: It’s pretty hard for a person to “overdose” on elderberry. (If you were to sit down and drink the entire bottle at once, you could experience some loose stool, but that’s about it!) Secondly- you should ALWAYS keep a list of supplements you’re taking and discuss with your healthcare provider! We’re not physicians!

Elderberry has 2 ways of working in the body:

  1. It boosts the activity of your immune system. Elderberry helps the body to release cytokines– which are messenger chemicals that immune cells use to communicate. Think of it this way- with more chances for your immune cells to communicate, they can “plan” a better attack against the invading virus! (1)
  2. Elderberry also contains hemagglutinin protein- which has been shown to inhibit a virus’ ability to enter cells! (2) If a virus can’t enter a cell, it can’t infect that cell, and it halts the viral life-cycle.

There are two harmonious ways that you can use elderberry syrup:

  1. As a preventative. You can take elderberry daily to help prevent the spread of viruses. My family does this throughout the fall and winter.
  2. When you’re sick. Whenever you’re just the SLIGHTEST bit under the weather, start taking elderberry. Take your recommended dose (1/2 to 1 tsp for kids, 1 TBSP+ for adults). And then continue taking that amount of syrup every 2-3 hours to keep the levels of constituents (the vitamins, antioxidants & flavonoids) in elderberry high in your blood stream. This gives your immune system a continual supply of everything that it can use to disrupt a viral attack!

You can use our bottled Organic Elderberry Syrup, Elderberry To-Go or your homemade syrup using your DIY kits!

Take your recommended dose of elderberry syrup every 2-3 hours when you’re feeling under the weather!

1 TBSP for adults, 1/2 to 1 teaspoon for children (only use the maple version for kids under 1)

How do I use Elderberry Syrup vs. Elderberry To-Go vs. DIY kit?

My family takes our elderberry syrup regularly when we’re at home. Our Elderberry To-Go was designed to be an elderberry supplement that you can take with you!

We take our daily shots of our original elderberry syrups as often as we can, and we use the To-Go to support our immune systems when we’re out and about. The To-Go is more concentrated per milliliter: 650g of elderberry extract per ml in the To-Go vs 107mg per milliliter of our original syrups (a single dose of our syrup, however, contains 1,500mg of elderberry extract because a typical adult serving is 1 Tablespoon, 14 milliliters).

If you’re someone who loves to make things by hand, our DIY Kits would be a fabulous choice for you! We give you just the right amount of organic elderberries and spices to make your very own elderberry syrup. The beauty of the DIY kits is that you can sweeten to YOUR needs. Diabetic? Just leave out the sweetener (or use an alternative). Need an elderberry syrup that’s also Whole30 friendly? Simply leave out thne sweetener all together!

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