What's so great about elderberries?

Black elderberries (sambucus nigra) are an excellent immune booster! Elderberries contain many vitamins (A, B and loads of C), as well as powerful flavonoids such as anthocyanins that are powerful antioxidants and protect cells against damage.


Elderberry-to-go trademark set on table surrounded by lemons, elderberries, and herbs

What science has to say.

Studies show that supplementing with elderberry can lessen the severity and duration of both colds and flu. 

  • A 2004 study of elderberry extract in flu patients revealed that symptoms of the flu were relieved 4 days sooner than flu patients who didn’t receive elderberry. (1)  
  • Supplementing with elderberry has also been shown to improve sinus infections, aid in skin and hair health, and more! (2
  • Elderberry is a cost-effective treatment for the flu, and it tastes great too! The elder plant has many medicinal uses including: treatment of colds and other infections, allergic conditions (allergies, sinusitis), and more! (3)

    Responsible sourcing.

    We source our organic, wild-grown elderberries straight from a family-owned farm in Poland.  Joanna and her family harvest the berries each fall and dry the berries using solar power.  We visited the farm in 2019 to cultivate our relationship and see the quality firsthand. Read more about our farmers HERE!