White Ceramic Sipper - Seattle Elderberry, organic elderberry syrup
White Ceramic Sipper - Seattle Elderberry, organic elderberry syrup

White Ceramic Sipper

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These rustic cups are unique and beautiful - no two are exactly the same! Each handmade cup is individually thrown and glazed by our friend David of DPottery in Washington State. These cups have an understated beauty and they perfectly hold your daily dose of Seattle Elderberry Syrups. Each cup holds 1 tablespoon (plus a little more!) YOU ARE PURCHASING A SINGLE SIPPER. 


The cups can also be used to hold spices, dips, fruit & veggies and more! The shape naturally fits in your palm and is great for toddler hands! The outside of the sipper is glazed white with an unpainted rim. The bottoms are unpainted ceramic, stamped with a DPottery logo.

Dishwasher & microwave safe, lead-free coating. Made in the USA.

Why Seattle Elderberry?

Only Organic Ingredients

Farm-to-bottle sourcing of elderberries

No preservatives & Zero refined sugars

Eco-Conscious Packaging

Holly Cooper Elderberry Founder

I needed simple, tasty & effective immune support for my family. What I wanted didn't exist, so I created my own products and accidentally started a worldwide wellness brand. Seattle Elderberry is committed to using organic ingredients, simple recipes and we promise to deliver FREAKING DELICIOUS immune support, right to your doorstep.

You Deserve to


And we're here to help. We've created products to support your body's incredible, innate capacity to heal and to stay well. With research-backed recipes and wholesome, organic ingredients, we've got you.


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