Elderberry Gummy Comparison from the Top 3 Elderberry Companies

Written by: Holly Cooper


Read on to take a peek at some of our research that led to us making our BRAND NEW Elderberry Gummies! These gummies are TRULY exceptional- boasting 250mg of elderberry extract PER GUMMY! More than that, they are made with our VERY OWN organic elderberry syrup! Check them out!

The Best Elderberry Gummies are NOT in your Cabinet

(Unless you have the Seattle Elderberry Organic Elderberry Gummies in your cabinet… but I digress.)

Do you find yourself researching the best elderberry gummies for your family? Elderberry is a beneficial supplement packed with anti-inflammatory, immunity boosting, and antioxidant compounds that help to support a healthy immune system.*

With so many elderberry options out there, it can be overwhelming. We're here to help you simplify the process of choosing an elderberry gummy by comparing three of the leading brands offering elderberry gummies against Seattle Elderberry Gummy Kits. We'll talk about potency, ingredients and most importantly, your valuable time!

Are you ready to discover the perfect elderberry gummy for you and your family? Read on to learn more!

Leading Children's Elderberry Gummy

This leading elderberry gummy for children contains 45mg of Black Elderberry Fruit extract and 2g of sugar per gummy.

The ingredients are sugar, glucose syrup, pectin, maltodextrin, citric acid, natural flavors and color added (marionberry juice concentrate)


Leading Adult Elderberry Gummy

This leading elderberry gummy for adults contains 50mg of Black Elderberry Fruit extract and 1g of sugar per gummy.

The ingredients are cane sugar, tapioca syrup, pectin, natural flavors, citric acid, sodium citrate, vegetable oil and carnauba wax.


Whole-Food Elderberry Gummies

This leading "clean" or whole-food based elderberry gummy for adults contains 75mg of Black Elderberry Fruit extract and 1g of sugar per gummy.

The ingredients are apple fruit puree and concentrate, organic elderberry juice concentrate, ElderCraft Elderberry extract, pectin, organic rice flour and organic lemon juice


Seattle Elderberry Gummies (from Kit)

Seattle Elderberry gummy kits contain 750mg of organic elderberry and 2.5g of sugar (from Honey or Maple) per gummy

The ingredients are water, elderberries*, raw honey* or maple syrup*, lemon juice*, gelatin or agar*, Ceylon cinnamon*, ginger,* clove*.

VEGAN? Yes (option for non-vegan as well)

Gummy Kits in Action!

Watch our founder, Holly Cooper, show you how easy it is to make FREAKING DELICIOUS elderberry gummies at home!

Comparing Elderberry Gummies

Elderberry gummies are a popular choice for people that want an easy and tasty way to get elderberry's immune-supporting benefits into their diets.

Unfortunately, many of the elderberry gummies available on the market contain very little elderberry and too much sugar--not the type of ingredients you want in the products you use on a daily basis!

If you're looking for elderberry gummies, don't settle for less than the best--take control and make your own with Seattle Elderberry's Gummy Kit. But let's dive in to a little comparison!


We like the idea of the whole-foods gummy (#3 above). However, we have tried these and our kids were not big fans. The texture was similar to fruit leather and they can be very difficult to find in stores.

We're not fans of Options #1 or #2 because of the use of sugar/syrups that are not organic. It seems that options 1 and 2 are using elderberry extract instead of doing the extracting themselves.

Seattle Elderberry Gummy Kits have organic ingredients you can recognize like elderberry, honey or maple syrup and lemon juice, Seattle Elderberry provides a truly nutritious elderberry gummy that is bursting with flavor.

Elderberry Potency:

When comparing the choices above, Seattle Elderberry Gummies stand out as a clear winner in terms of elderberry potency with 750mg of Organic Elderberry Extract per gummy. Our gummies are made from our USDA Organic Elderberry Syrup and either organic agar (vegan!) or grass-fed beef gelatin (a crowd favorite!) We developed an elderberry gummy kit so anyone can easily make healthy elderberry gummies right at home.

Your Time:

I know making elderberry gummies sounds daunting, but it literally takes 5 minutes of "hands-on" time. Plus, you can get refills of elderberry syrup and the "gummy mix" shipped right to your door (AND you can save 15% if you get on our Subscribe & Save program!) With organic elderberries, honey or maple syrup, and lemon juice as the main components of these tasty treats; you can rest assured knowing that you and your kids are getting all the nutrition they need without having to worry about undesirable sugars. Plus it's enjoyable creating them together in an exciting cooking activity!

So if you're looking for elderberry gummies, don't settle for less than the best--take control and make your own with Seattle Elderberry's Gummy Kit!