At Seattle Elderberry, we make effective, organic immune support for all ages. It's FREAKING DELICIOUS!

At Seattle Elderberry, we're committed to exceptional ingredients, simple recipes and eco-friendly packaging. Our freaking delicious products contain responsibly harvested medicinal plants and natural sweeteners like raw honey or pure maple syrup. Read on to hear more of our story!

the early days

Seattle Elderberry started in founder Holly Cooper's Seattle kitchen in 2017. As a mom of 3, Holly was unable to find clean (and delicious) elderberry products that she wanted to give her family. Holly set to work in her home kitchen making simple elderberry syrups that were totally organic with NO artificial anything.

Seattle Elderberry operated out of Seattle until 2022, when Holly decided it was time to bring on business partners!

now, made in Maine

In 2022, we joined forces with business partners Ben and Allie Edwards of Schoppee Farm to expand upon our offerings! Funny story- Holly's mother-in-law was actually who is responsible for introducing Seattle Elderberry and Schoppee Farm!

This partnership allowed us to bring ALL production of our products in-house! Schoppee Farm boasts acres of rich farmland on the Maine coast, untouched by any pesticide, industrial fertilizer, or other crops. Ben and Allie moved their family to the farm to bring the land back to life with new crops and a new passion.

the best is yet to come

Additionally, our partnership and attention to detail allowed us to earn our USDA Organic Certification for ALL of our products. Our entire product line is made with attention to detail, strict manufacturing processes and we always have your health and wellness as our priority.

With our partnership, we have also been able to expand our product offerings both online and in stores across the United States!


Holly Cooper

Holly founded Seattle Elderberry because she wanted BETTER immune support for her family. Holly began by making elderberry in her home kitchen until making Seattle Elderberry a legitimate business in 2017. After 6 years in Seattle, Holly and family relocated to sunny Phoenix, AZ for sunshine!


Ben & Allie Edwards

Ben and Allie joined the Seattle Elderberry team in 2022. Ben and Allie spend their time running Schoppee Farm, an organic farm in rural Maine. Ben and Holly connected via Holly's mother-in-law in 2021 and an early partnership began to form! Ben and Allie oversee the team that handles production, shipping, logistics and wholesale!


Team Members

CIARA- Business Manager
CATHERINE- Customer Service
MARY- Sales, Production & Shipping

Plus many more incredible staff who hop in at any given moment based on what we have going on!

Seattle Elderberry elderberries

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