At Seattle Elderberry, we make organic elderberry products with incredible ingredients. We keep our recipes simple so that our products are accessible for people of all ages. We responsibly source our wild-grown, organic elderberries straight from a family-owned farm in Poland. Every component of our packaging is recyclable. Each small batch is handmade, and tastes FREAKING DELICIOUS. We NEVER use refined sugars, fillers or anything artificial. Seattle Elderberry is a woman-owned company committed to transparency in our business, and we ALWAYS have exceptional customer service!

Come and see what Seattle Elderberry is all about! 


Our Story

Seattle Elderberry started when founder Holly Cooper wanted to keep her young family healthy. As a self-proclaimed "science nerd" (with a BS in Biology), she had read about how effective elderberry was at naturally treating viral infections such as the cold and flu. She started making elderberry syrup at home in 2013 because she was disappointed with the ingredients (cane sugar, fructose & corn syrup- YUCK!) in the brands available at the store. By making her own elderberry syrup, she could choose the ingredients she wanted to use. Each recipe was carefully crafted so that her tasting panel (aka 3 kids) would approve! 




Our mission is to provide YOU with incredible, organic elderberry products. We hold strong relationships with everyone in our business: from our suppliers, to our employees, to YOU, the customer! We will ALWAYS provide you with an exceptional product, and exceptional customer service. That is our promise.