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regenerative supplements

Good for you, good for the earth

At our core, we believe the highest quality supplements begin with nurturing the land through sustainable farming practices. We are headquartered on a 9th generation regenerative family farm where we are committed to regenerative agriculture - the sole path to a truly sustainable future.


Regenerative agriculture practices are the gold standard for organic agriculture worldwide, focusing on soil health, animal welfare, and social fairness to leave our land, waters, and climate in better shape for future generations.


Situated in coastal Maine, Schoppee Farm (shop-ee) is a 9th generation family-run farm and the headquarters for Seattle Elderberry. This former small dairy farm now leads in regenerative agriculture as a certified USDA Organic, Real Organic, and Regenerative Organic Certified farm. With rich coastal acres untouched by pesticides, industrial fertilizers, or other crops, we proudly hand-produce 100% of our products on this thriving organic farmland.


While we don't (yet) grow all of our ingredients on Schoppee Farm, this gives us the beautiful opportunity to partner with numerous organic, regenerative farms. We value our partnerships with farmers both near and far.

Our Commitment

To help you STAY WELL while we give back to the Earth. With our uncompromising commitment to effective, organic herbal supplements and passion for regenerative farming practices, we're actively cultivating a SUSTAINABLE FUTURE for our planet.

Good for YOU, Good for the Earth—that's our promise.

This is how we do it.


Our farmers commit to letting Mother Nature give her best to their crops by follwing these practices:

  • Use natural compost fertilizers to feed beneficial microbes
  • Plant wide-ranging cover crops to prevent soil erosion
  • Promote maximum biodiversity above and below the surface
  • Zero synthetic pesticides or chemicals - ever.

intensive rotational grazing

Animal movement across the land is an important step to improve soil fertility and allow pasture grasses time to regrow. At our farm, we have rotating flocks of sheep who graze & trample our fields to maintain a balanced and diverse ecosystems.


  • Compost used ingredients or donate for animal feed
  • Use 100% recyclable packaging for products & shipments
  • Use recycled paper for all printed materials
  • Encourage reuse or repurposing of customer containers


Products made with regeneratively grown ingredients:

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