Elderberry Sun Tea Recipe

sun tea recipe, elderberry, immune support

June Is HERE !

Rays of sunshine are filling kitchens with beautiful streaks of light. The warmer afternoons are setting the perfect scene for an afternoon iced beverage.  And we've got a new recipe for Elderberry Sun Tea to harness the power of the sun! We're sharing a hands-off way to make a refreshing elderberry beverage using our Seasonal Support DIY Kit and the power of the sunshine! Plus, you'll get a good dose of antioxidants and immune supporting compounds from the elderberry, elderflower and nettle!

Our Elderberry Sun Tea is SUPER simple! Grab a large glass jar, pitcher or other container, find a sunny windowsill and let's go!


1/4c Seasonal Support Elderberry Syrup DIY Kit mixture

4 cups water at room temperature

Sweetener (optional, but we liked about 1/3c of honey)

Lid or cloth + rubber band


Stir the elderberry and herbs into your water (the elderberries and herbs may float at first, but will eventually sink as they rehydrate!)

Place your mixture in a sunny window.

Cover the opening of the container with a lid or secure some clean cloth on top with a rubber band.

Let sit for 4-8 hours, stirring occasionally.

Strain out the berries and herbs.

Sweeten as desired (we like adding about 1/3c of local honey!)

Place strained liquid into the refrigerator to cool.

Serve cold, over ice for a refreshing beverage!

elderberry sun tea