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Seattle Elderberry: Now Available at Erewhon Los Angeles

Written by: Adelaide Formica


Seattle Elderberry is thrilled to announce its partnership with Erewhon, the trendsetting grocery store chain that has become synonymous with health and wellness. Erewhon now carries all 3 varieties of our organic elderberry syrups: Elderberry Syrup with Honey, Elderberry Syrup with Maple and Allergy Defense Elderberry Syrup with Nettle. Our entrance into Erewhon is a significant milestone for us and we're thrilled to  provide health-conscious consumers in LA with easy access to our premium elderberry immune-supporting & allergy-relief products. Customers not local to Los Angeles can purchase all 3 syrups featured at Erewhon in our New Trio Pack!

"Erewhon the grocery store is an absolute gem in the world of health food stores. If you're looking for high-quality, organic, and all-natural products, Erewhon is the place to go." - Erewhon Los Angeles, Customer Review

What is Erewhon Market?

Before delving into the excitement of our partnership, let's take a moment to appreciate Erewhon's rich history and why it has become a hotspot for health enthusiasts. Founded in 1968, Erewhon has evolved into a pioneering force in the organic and natural foods industry. With a commitment to sourcing the highest quality products, Erewhon has garnered a reputation for offering a curated selection of organic, sustainable, and locally sourced goods.

The allure of Erewhon goes beyond its meticulously selected inventory; it's a lifestyle. From nutrient-dense produce to wellness-focused supplements, Erewhon has become the go-to destination for individuals seeking to enhance their well-being. The store's commitment to transparency, sustainability, and community has contributed to its widespread popularity and made it a staple in the health and wellness scene.

What Is a Certified B Corporation? 

A Certified B Corp is a company certified for meeting high social and environmental standards. For Erewhon, being a B Corp means a commitment to transparent and responsible business practices, contributing to positive social and environmental impacts! Amazing!

Erewhon Certifed B Corp

Seattle Elderberry's Trio 4oz Set:


Our new Trio 4oz Set is a testament to Seattle Elderberry's dedication to promoting immune health and overall wellness. This set includes three 4-ounce bottles of our premium elderberry syrup in unique and invigorating flavors. Packed with antioxidants and immune-boosting properties, our elderberry syrup is crafted with care to support your well-being.


Seattle Elderberry is proud to join Erewhon's illustrious lineup of wellness products. Erewhon's commitment to offering products that align with their customers' health goals and values perfectly aligns with our mission. The synergy between Seattle Elderberry and Erewhon reflects a shared commitment to providing consumers with products that contribute to a healthier lifestyle.


We are particularly excited about Erewhon's dedication to supporting local businesses and promoting sustainable practices. Erewhon's emphasis on community and wellness makes it an ideal partner for Seattle Elderberry as we continue to expand our reach and make our products accessible to a broader audience.


This partnership marks an exciting chapter in our journey to promote health and wellness. Erewhon's legacy, commitment to quality, and focus on community align seamlessly with our values, making this partnership a natural fit. We invite you to visit Erewhon in Los Angeles, explore their vibrant wellness aisles, and discover the immune-boosting benefits of Seattle Elderberry's Trio 4oz Set!

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