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How did Seattle Elderberry begin?

How did Seattle Elderberry begin?

Hey all! Founder Holly Cooper here to share a bit more about how Seattle Elderberry began! Check out our video below and then read on!

Seattle Elderberry actually began in my kitchen in Cincinnati, OH. In 2014 I was introduced to Elderberry Syrup when a friend started making it for our group of friends. Before buying into the "hype" around elderberry, I did extensive research (I have my bachelor's of science in Biology from Denison University). I was encouraged by the numerous studies of elderberry that this was something that I wanted to use to keep my young family healthy. (check out some of those studies HERE)

The friend who made elderberry syrup eventually moved, and I started looking at commercially available elderberry. I was first SHOCKED at the price of commercial elderberry syrups, but I was also appalled at the ingredients that many contained (corn syrup, NO THANKS!). By this time, my second baby had been born, so I wanted a honey-free option for her as well. I read LOTS of labels and many had cane sugars, were NOT organic, and even contained artificial flavors. These were NOT ingredients that I wanted to give my family, so I started making my own organic elderberry syrup for myself and for friends.

We moved to Seattle in 2016 when my husband took a new job, and I had fine-tuned my elderberry syrup to be FREAKING DELICIOUS. I thought Seattlietes may like having a locally-made, less expensive, organic elderberry syrup made with simple ingredients. After sharing on Facebook and by word of mouth, Seattle Elderberry came to fruition as a brand in September of 2017, right on the heels of the birth of our third (and last!) child. Through the incredible support of my family, friends and all of you, Seattle Elderberry is truly a dream come true. 

Know that we put so much effort into each of our products. From responsibly sourcing our wild-grown, organic elderberries from our farmer friends, to ensuring that every component of our packaging is recyclable, we want to make sure that you get an incredible product that can help you to stay well. 

From a busy mom of 3 who gets to wear a CEO hat because of YOU, hear my thanks and gratitude. And know that we will continue to serve you with transparency, humility and FREAKING DELICIOUS organic elderberry products.

Holly Cooper

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