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Baby, Kids and Elderberry

Baby, Kids and Elderberry

Like many herbal supplements, elderberry has not been extensively studied for use in children and infants. However, elderberry has LONG been used to support a healthy immune system, including in young children. If you choose to use an elderberry supplement with your young child, here are a few things to keep in mind.

*ALL of our packaging includes dosing suggestions. Please refer to each specific product for information on dosing.*

1. Wait until baby has started solids.
Unless you are under the direction of a medical professional, wait to introduce elderberry until after your baby has started eating solids. Treat elderberry like a new food- giving a single dose and watching for any signs of reaction.

2. Choose a honey-free option for babies under one. 
Our organic elderberry syrup with Maple or our Elderberry To-Go tincture are great honey-free options! If you don't mind doing a bit of work in the kitchen, grab one of our Original DIY Kits- you get to sweeten to your taste! Other honey-free sweeteners include: Maple, Agave, Coconut Sugar, etc.

3. For less mess, give your young child their dose with a syringe or dropper. For toddlers, a shot glass or one of our custom cups works perfectly for their daily dose!

4. ALWAYS let your health care provider know what supplements your little one is taking in the event of an adverse reaction.

If you want to read more on elderberry (with a list of studies), check out our Why Elderberry page!

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