Our Favorite Travel Essentials

Does anyone else feel like it’s the 17th month of dark, dreary weather? While we Seattlites are fully accustomed to gloomy days, February is the PERFECT time to escape in search of a little sun. 

If you’re hitting the road but don’t want to leave your immune support behind, our Elderberry To-Go™ and Seasonal Support To-Go™ bottles are the perfect travel companions. They’re packed full of feel-good goodness and sealed in a cute, compact, TSA-friendly size. 

With their organic, no-sugar-added, immune-boosting ingredients, our To-Go’s will help you battle those travel germs and arrive at your destination, healthy and carefree. 

We’re such a fan of cute travel products, we’ve rounded up a few of our other must-haves, below: 

Bon Voyage!