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Revealing the Industry Secrets of some  Elderberry Supplement Manufacturers

Revealing the Industry Secrets of some Elderberry Supplement Manufacturers

Written by: Holly Cooper


Elderberry supplements have soared in popularity in recent years. Some predictions suggest the demand for elderberry products may grow by 30% in the coming years. Unfortunately, when the market is “hot” many folks like to jump on board to ride the wave of popularity. We wanted to look at some common practices in our  industry that cut corners to reduce costs, resulting in low-quality and ineffective supplements. If you're wondering what industry secrets are being kept from you, then you've come to the right place!  In this post, we're exposing 4 reasons why consumers should be wary of elderberry companies and why Seattle Elderberry is a truly remarkable company with its' customers health always at the forefront of their mission.

Members of the Seattle Elderberry team making a batch of elderberry syrup


Some elderberry supplement manufacturers use inorganic ingredients to make their products. While using inorganic ingredients may lower production costs, non-organic ingredients can contain higher levels of pesticides and other chemicals that may be harmful to some. 

At Seattle Elderberry, we have close partnerships with all of our ingredient suppliers and we choose to use only organic ingredients in our products. By choosing to work only with organic farmers, we're not only eliminating  unnecessary chemicals but organic farming practices are also beneficial to the earth, to the farmers, and ultimately, to our customers!


Do you read ingredient labels and nutrition facts panels on the products you consume? You might want to start next time you're looking at elderberry products! There is no “standard dose” for elderberry supplementation. However, the studies that show elderberry to be an effective natural remedy for cold and flu viruses suggests an effective elderberry extract concentration of 600-900mg per serving.

It's much less expensive for elderberry manufacturers  to use less active ingredient (elderberries) to create an elderberry supplement. Our best suggestion? Steer clear from supplements with less than 500mg of elderberry extract per serving.

At Seattle Elderberry, we LOAD our products up with premium organic elderberries. There's NO cutting corners or using other high-antioxidant (but less expensive) ingredients to “cut” our syrup. Our elderberry syrups boast 1,500mg of elderberry extract per serving! Check out how we stack up compared to another popular brand of elderberry syrup:

elderberry syrup comparison


While we're on the subject of elderberry gummies, there's nothing that makes us more furious than some of the gummy products on the market. As we were finalizing our recipes for our Seattle Elderberry gummies, we did a little “market research” and sampled elderberry gummies from over 10 different manufacturers and were honestly appalled at most of the commercially available choices. 

We put together this chart to show the vast differences in the quality of elderberry gummies. Take a look at the varying amounts of elderberry content between the gummies (45mg-250mg) and the quality of the ingredients used to make the gummies.

At Seattle Elderberry, we make our gummies using our elderberry syrup with our own hands. We literally concentrate our organic elderberry syrup recipe and use it as the base for our organic elderberry gummies. We couldn't find a manufacturer who would make gummies the way we wanted, so we took matters into our own hands! Our employee Dave is our “gummy master” and he whips out weekly batches of our elderberry gummies to help keep our beloved customers healthy!

Elderberry gummy comparison


My husband works from home but has to go into the office a few times a month. Every time they have an office day, all of his co-workers end up sick. He has been faithfully taking the elderberry gummies and has yet to come home sick. That's besides my children begging for them every morning. Our family can't get enough of these gummies, and have become the preferred mode of elderberry for the littles!”

-Anna K.

Seattle Elderberry Gummies


Some elderberry supplement manufacturers don't disclose their manufacturing processes. This lack of transparency makes it hard to determine the quality and safety of the product. Always look for a manufacturer that has a clean, transparent manufacturing process to ensure that you're getting high-quality supplements.

At Seattle Elderberry, we share behind-the-scenes of our manufacturing processes via e-mail and social media! We follow rigorous manufacturing processes. Because our production facillities are on a USDA Organic Certified Farm, we have even more standards to meet with our production practices! As a bonus, our employees are the ones who make our products, so we have control over every step of our production process from receiving our ingredients to the final bottles and bags of product that get shipped to our customers. Many companies choose to outsource manufacturing (and to be honest, we did in the first few years of our business because that's what worked at the time!) We love that we've been able to shift back to making every single product in-house! 

Plus,  we back up our products with our “100% Love It” guarantee! We believe so wholeheartedly in our products that we want our customers to know we've always got their backs!  And finally, when you call, text or e-mail Seattle Elderberry- you'll get a response from one of our owners or employees! Just like we don't cut corners with our ingredients or manufacturing processes, we do not outsource our individualized customer service because our customers deserve the best!


Elderberry supplements are gaining popularity because of their recognized immune & health benefits.  However, it’s important to know that not all elderberry supplements are created equal. Some elderberry supplement manufacturers engage in shady practices to produce low-quality products. This can include using inorganic ingredients, offering low doses of active ingredients, producing low-quality elderberry gummies. Plus, name another eldebrerry company that actually SHOWS their supplements being made? I'll wait…

Consumers should know that when they choose Seattle Elderberry, they are choosing high quality, highly potent, organic elderberry syrups that were created to help them stay healthy. Seattle Elderberry does things different for a reason- because YOU deserve to stay well. We will always honor our customers and our health as we continue to make effective elderberry supplements for all ages. If you want to find Seattle Elderberry products at a store near you, check out our store finder. We're always here for you! Head to our Contact Us page if you ever need us!

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