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Seattle Elderberry Brand Promises

Seattle Elderberry Brand Promises

Why should you choose Seattle Elderberry for your immune support products? It's simple- we do everything with excellence. We have worked hard to create THE BEST organic elderberry products for immune support. Let's walk through our brand promises.

"It's Freaking Delicious"

At Seattle Elderberry, we are dedicated to providing customers with the best quality products available. We strive to be a leader in the health and wellness industry by committing to only using organic ingredients, sourcing our products from farm-to-bottle, and avoiding refined sugars and preservatives. Additionally, we package our products with eco-consciousness in mind and strive to deliver FREAKING DELICIOUS taste every time. 

Only Organic Ingredients

Our commitment to the use of organic ingredients is rooted in a deep respect for nature. As stewards of the environment, we seek out farmers suppliers that use sustainable growing practices and avoid using synthetic pesticides or herbicides. We believe that organic products are better for the body and organic farming practices are better for our environment. At Seattle Elderberry, we believe that it is our responsibility to ensure that our products are produced without compromising the planet’s delicate balance.

Farm-to-Bottle Sourcing

The sourcing of our ingredients from farm-to-bottle further reinforces our commitment towards sustainability and maintaining high standards for quality control. By working closely with our farmers, we have direct access to nutrient dense fruits and spices which allow us to produce superior tasting supplements. We let our incredible organic ingredients SHINE!

Founder Holly Cooper with our​​ elderberry Farmers in 2019

NO Refined Sugars and NO Preservatives

Our products are free from preservatives, additives, colors, flavors and refined sugars. This special approach also helps us preserve the unique flavor profiles of each ingredient while ensuring maximum nutritional value in every sip.  

Many other elderberry products on the market use corn syrup, fructose or artificial sweeteners to make their products palatable. If you use incredible ingredients (we do) and minimally process those ingredients (we do) then you really don't have to do much!

Eco-Conscious Packaging

Our commitment towards eco-conscious packaging cannot be overlooked either. To minimize waste, our bottles are made from glass which can be reused or recycled again after being purchased by consumers. For our products that do not come in bottles (DIY Kits, Gummy Kits, etc) we have opted to use fully-compostable packaging to lessen our environmental impact.

We also use energy and water conserving measures in our production kitchens as well as choosing post-consumer recycled cardboard for all of our shipping boxes.


Of course, all these commitments come together to create one thing - FREAKING DELICIOUS taste! Our recipes are carefully crafted blending just the right amount of natural sweeteners (honey or maple) our elderberries and spices to bring you a delightfully delicious flavor. With Seattle Elderberry you can rest assured knowing you’re getting potent elderberry products that taste amazing as well!

At Seattle Elderberry we believe that healthy living should never come at a cost for your well-being or taste buds - this is why we stand by firm on our brand promises and values: only organic ingredients; farm-to-bottle sourcing; no refined sugars or preservatives; eco-conscious packaging; coupled with FREAKING DELICIOUS taste! We’re proud you chose us as your health & wellness partner - cheers!

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