Support Your Children It's #ChildHealthDay


Sticky fingers, fast feet and crazy appetites: where do I start?

We love our kiddos and this Child Health Day it's about high time we snuggle them tighter and support them harder. As a mom of two little ones, I understand life can creep up on us. Here are some easy tips to promote child health.

  • Schedule a routine dental checkup
  • Invite your kids to join you in healthy habits like walking, gardening, yoga or whatever you deem right and good
  • Review your child's toys: are they broken or age-appropriate?
  • Encourage play and get stuck in with anything that helps stimulate imagination

As sweet as honey
Straight from the farm to the bottle with a dash of honey, this is your one-stop solution to stronger immunity minus sugar.

Like juice, but better
"My 5 year old thinks he can drink it like juice whenever he wants to". Freaking delicious and wonderfully potent. Your little ones will love it!

Busy hands, healthy bodies
This one's for the tiny hands that want to get stuck in! All of the goodness, plus all of the play. It's the fall activity that keeps on giving.