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Which elderberry product is best for me?

Which elderberry product is best for me?

At Seattle Elderberry, we make incredible organic elderberry products designed to support your immune system*.

All of our products have the same goal- immune support. And we use exceptional elderberries, and 100% organic ingredients in each and every product. However- which product you reach for depends on your needs! Take a peek at the chart to see how many servings and other highlights of each product!

All of our products are handmade with incredible organic ingredients. We NEVER use artificial colors or ingredients! Each product is PACKED with elderberry, and all of our packaging is recyclable!

Our 16oz bottles are great to keep at home. Keep an opened bottle in the fridge and another stashed in the pantry. Once opened, our 16oz bottles should keep for up to 3 months in the fridge! Choose between our honey and maple-sweetened versions (the maple version is great for kids under 1 and for vegans!)

Next ups is our Elderberry To-Go- our 2oz travel-friendly elderberry supplement! Elderberry To-Go is a concentrated elderberry tincture. It's also sugar-free yet tastes super sweet thanks to organic, flaxseed-based vegetable glycerin. No refrigeration is needed for this dropper bottle- so keep it tucked into your backpack or purse for immune support on the go!

Finally, we've got our DIY Kits. These are GREAT to keep stashed in your pantry- pull out a kit when you need to refresh your elderberry syrup! Just add water, simmer and sweeten to your taste! Use a great local honey or an alternative sweetener like maple, agave or even cane sugar (do not give honey to kids under 1!)

And of course- we've got DIY Gummy kits, pour spouts, accessories and other bundled products!



*These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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