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Organic Elderberry Syrup with Maple
Karen Golder (South Burlington, US)
Amazing product!

This is the best tasting healthy immune-building syrup ever! Actually, both of them- with honey or with maple, in my opinion are equally wonderful! So when I order, I get one of each! Highly recommend taking it each time you have any sign of cold symptoms.

Organic Elderberry Syrup with Honey
Karen Golder (South Burlington, US)
Amazing product!

I love the Honey and the Maple Elderberry Syrup and am certain that because I take it whenever I have a sniffle or cold type symptom; that it is what really helps enables me to stay healthy over the past several years.

I LOVE Allergy Defense Syrup

I had been taking a Claritin a day for my itchy irritated skin, the weather & environment in Seattle are hard on my skin. I wanted something more natural than Claritin so I tried this syrup. Tastes great & my itching is subsided. Wish you made a bigger bottle!

Organic Elderberry Syrup with Maple
Renee Thimesch (Phoenix, US)
Powerful immune booster!

I am so happy that I learned about Seattle Elderberry. I recently started to feel like I might be coming down with something so I took a few extra shots of Elderberry syrup and I never got sick! I prefer the Elderberry syrup sweetened with Maple! So good and safe for my whole family!

Elderberry To-Go™ Organic Elderberry Tincture
MaryBeth Seymour (Danvers, US)
So easy and convenient

This is so easy and convenient to take daily at home and travel with! I never have to miss a day with my Seattle Elderberry :)

Freaking delicious

I've had lots of other Elderberry syrups, but nothing even compares. This is by far, the best tasting and effective. Added bonus, the house smells fantastic!! I love that the packaging is biodegradable, too! I make my syrup, and put everything into the compost.

So fast and so effective!

I love the Allergy Defense formulation! I often get "sneeze attacks" when exposed to various allergens (grasses, pet dander, etc). When I'm in the middle of a sneeze attack, I can take any Allergy Defense or Seasonal Support product and feel as good as new in less than 5 minutes! Plus, the taste is AMAZING and my kids enjoy taking it too!

Organic Elderberry Syrup with Honey
Melissa (Kirkland, US)
Loyal Customer

My family of 5 has been taking Seattle Elderberry for several years. I searched for a long time to find a brand with organic ingredients. We love Seattle Elderberry and take it every morning. The taste is fantastic and I love knowing that my family is getting quality elderberry and helping to keep us healthy all year long. Highly recommend!

I love having an easy and convenient measurement for my daily shot. I’ve also put my syrup in a syrup bottle which also makes it easy to pour.

A friend told me about this Elderberry! My 3 kids and hubby love it!! it's truly the best!!

Organic Elderberry Gift Set
Daniella Wigfield

We love this! I have been using it for a year now and really think its the secret to our family not getting any bad colds! My son and husband love the taste!

Organic Elderberry Gummies
Kristiana Christian

The most delicious gummies on the market! I love the taste while I am getting my immune support!

Delicious, easy to make, and our whole family loves it!

I'm a fan!! Tastes great - and I know it's good for me!

I bought the gummies to have a healthy season. My daughter (who had radiation) started catching everything after her treatment. She had always been so healthy. So last year she started taking Elderberry gummies and was back to her healthy self. This year I have joined her.

Love, love, and love this syrup! It tastes delicious. I know it is helping to strengthen my immune system. I physically feel healthier and stronger. My first purchase was the elderly gummies that are the same high quality product.
I am a Seattle Elderberry Girl for life.

Best tasting elderberry gummies I have ever tasted. Tastes exactly like the honey elderberry syrup. My family and I love them. Expensive for gummies but I will be purchasing more.

Got this for my whole family! the maple syrup was a great substitute for the honey since we have a 1 year old, we’ve been loving it!

It's so delicious that my kiddo (and the rest of us) gulp it down daily in the fall for immune support. So grateful to have something that my son easily says 'yes' to.

Mess-Free Pour Spout!
Jacquelyn Gilroy

Really help with the otherwise sticky drips from the honey. A cheap way to get a clean pour!

Absolutely delicious! My daughter is always excited to take a dose every morning!

I love this elderberry syrup!... I have been taking it for a was recommended by my neighbor... it is the best thing I added to my daily health routine… enjoy!...nice people at this wonderful company!

Organic Elderberry Syrup with Maple
Rosa Aliza Deleon Hernandez

This is absolutely life changing! In 2022, my family and I were constantly sick despite all efforts. We were taking our vitamins, proper hygiene, anything I could think of and nothing was working. Close to the end of the year, I found Seattle Elderberry. I had a baby younger than 1 and needed something without honey. When I saw the maple flavor, I immediately had to try it. My whole family is now taking it and my kids look forward to taking their vitamins because of the syrup. We have not gotten sick like we were prior to Seattle Elderberry. I highly recommend these syrups.

Organic Elderberry Syrup Sample
Angeline Burke

Pleasantly surprised by how big the sample size was! Enough for the whole family to try. It tastes great and I'm hoping to order more soon!

Nice product. Made my annual elderberry tonic and it's an especially good batch this year.

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