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We care about the Earth

Seattle Elderberry Earth Day

Guess what? We do things differently at Seattle Elderberry because we care about our impact on people and on our planet. Our team recently went through a brand values exercise where we brainstormed the values that we, and our customers, believe best represent the company. The value that came out on top + is the heart of our company? Integrity + Intentionality. 

EVERYTHING about Seattle Elderberry is intentional:

  • Sourcing of our elderberries & other ingredients
  • Fully recyclable packaging
  • How we recruit and lead our staff
  • Recipe development and formulation

It would be really easy to source the cheapest ingredients and packaging. We could pack our formulations with cheap cane sugar or artificial flavors. We could pay our employees crappy wages and burn them out. We could have just created a product that matched the standards set by “big brands”. But that’s not what we’re about.
What’s NOT in our products is just as important as what IS in our products when it comes to our impact in our community and on the world.

Our founder, Holly Cooper, started Seattle Elderberry to create a product she felt good about giving to her kids in the name of immune support day in and day out. Seattle Elderberry tastes FREAKING DELICIOUS thanks to the intention behind our sourcing and production practices.

Why Wild Grown?
Our organic, wild-grown elderberries are harvested on a family-owned farm in Poland that Holly visited in 2019. Wild-grown plants often contain more antioxidants and medicinal compounds than conventionally grown plants.

Why? The theory is that plants need to be strong and hearty to withstand the natural processes of weathering, seasons, animal foraging and more!

Plus, our farmers GENTLY dry our premium elderberries using gentle solar power which is renewable and totally eco-friendly!family-owned farm in Poland

We Love Recycling & Reusing
We use 100% recyclable materials in our packaging. From our shipping boxes to our tape- toss it all in your recycling bin when you're finished!
Our glass bottles can be reused or recycled.

Our DIY Kit bags are made of fully compostable material- just toss your empty DIY kit bags (and the "spent" berries) into your compost pile!

We could take short cuts. We could use cheaper ingredients, or plastic bags. But we’ve got our futures to think about. We want to keep your immune system working so that you can enjoy life. But we also want to consider our business impacts on our planet. If we’re going to create and sell a product, we will always do what is within our power to honor Mother Nature and to do right by people, as best we can.

Note: We are keeping in close contact with Joanna and Greg as the war against Ukraine plays out. Take a look at our latest update here

Eco-Friendly Picks:

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