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Elderberry for Seasonal Allergies

Elderberry for Seasonal Allergies

Got allergies? Us too. As the seasons change (and plants begin to BLOSSOM), our bodies can REACT with itchy eyes, sneezing, tickling coughs and more. Seasonal allergies can be MISERABLE, but we're here to support you!

Elderberries are an excellent source of anti-inflammatory compounds- and nettle and elderflower (found in our Seasonal Support kits) are great for supporting the mucus membranes and helping you to breathe easier!

Here are our top 5 tips for managing seasonal allergies!

  1. When heading back indoors after spending time outside, change the clothes you wore when you were outdoors ⁠

  2. Shower in the evenings after adventures, especially in the spring when pollen counts are high to rinse pollen from your skin and hair⁠

  3. Remain indoors on super windy days⁠

  4. Keep windows closed and use a good air filter in your house, and an air purifier in your room (since that's where you spend the most consecutive hours while sleeping!)⁠

  5. Stay on top of good gut health; lack of microbiome diversity has been linked to more severe allergies. Eating tons of fresh veggies and fruits, supplementing with a probiotic, and eating a diverse diet can be helpful lifestyle changes!⁠

Looking for more support? Our Seasonal Support elderberry syrup kit is loaded with anti-inflammatory elderberries plus nettle & elderflower to boost the antioxidants + support your mucous membranes! Just add water, simmer, and sweeten and you've got FREAKING DELICIOUS allergy support at your fingertips!

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