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Sickness and Allergies: October 2023

Written by: Holly Cooper


Here is our first update to our monthly “Sickness and Allergy” tracker! We're following the latest sickness and allergy trends across the USA. Here's the deal- we hate that people get sick. That's precisely why we make FREAKING DELICIOUS, effective products to help you stay healthy! We're back  with a monthly glance at what's going on across our country. 


One caveat we'd like to point out is that reporting and testing for illness is not all-inclusive. Many people will get sick and never head to the doctor, so these numbers are representative of a sample of individuals. Testing is also not always accurate and our interpretation of the data is just an interpretation. We are also not doctors, so please consult a trusted healthcare professional when necessary.

Influenza Sickness Tracker

FLU: You can see a good visual representation of the slight uptick in certain states (more light green colors across the country ). Would not suggest going to Alaska at this moment in time ;) 

 In the USA, our typical flu season starts to ramp up in November, so this data is a bit premature. I like having this “before” view of Influenza-Like-Activity to compare in the coming months!

Try using the FluView tool to see the change in the influenza season week to week!

FluView from CDC 9/2/2023
Week Ending September 2, 2023
Week Ending October 14, 2023
Week Ending October 14, 2023

COVID Tracker


My family had COVID this past month! We last had COVID in early 2022, and this time was MUCH more mild. Husband and I were under the weather for about 5 days (2 days of feeling pretty terrible). Minimal coughing. Most prominent symptoms for us were lethargy, fever and headaches. 2 of our 3 kids were sick for about 24 hours, and 1 of our kids never had symptoms or a positive test. Here's the deal though- we tested at home but didn't see a way to self-report our results unless we did a tele-health call with a practitioner (or unless we went to a clinic-type setting). So the 4 people in our household who tested positive aren't accounted for in any data sets. I imagine many other people have also had covid, got a positive test at home and won't appear in ay reporting either.

COVID: Interestingly enough, test positivity has gone down a smidge in the past 5-6 weeks. As I mentioned above, we tested positive but didn't have any impact on these data sets because we never went through “appropriate” reporting means. COVID will likely circulate for a while (perhaps for years to come) but our encounter with COVID was much more mild that our first infection. Of course, immunocompromised individuals, the elderly and infants are at a higher risk for complications.

OLD COVID Tracker from CDC Ending Sept 2
OLD COVID Tracker from CDC Ending Sept 2
NEW COVID Tracker from CDC Ending October 14
NEW COVID Tracker from CDC Ending October 14, 2023
OLD COVID Tracker from CDC Ending Sept 2
OLD COVID Tracker from CDC Ending Sept 2
COVID Tracker from CDC Ending Oct. 14
NEW COVID Tracker from CDC Ending Oct. 14

Seaonal Allergy Map

ALLERGIES: Allergy sufferers, rejoice! As most of the US heads deeper into the cooling temperatures of Autumn, pollen levels are rapidly decreasing! Southern Texas is still getting blasted with Ragweed and Juniper, but the rest of the country is looking pretty good!

OLD Allergy Map September 2, 2023
OLD Allergy Map September 2, 2023
NEW Allergy Map October 23, 2023
NEW Allergy Map October 23, 2023


Still not any major activity going on right now. We've known several families who have had COVID pass through, but they had the same experience as we did: much more mild symptoms and duration than the COVID of yers past. We're curious to see how these maps change in the coming months! Our favorite way to defend against illness is to be prepared! Elderberry has been shown to lessen both the severity and duration of influenza symptoms when taken at the onset of illness. Don't delay, make sure you're stocked with elderberry TODAY!

Even though we're creeping out of allergy season, our Allergy Defense products are also exceptionally helpful in lessening symptoms associated with seasonal allergens. The powerful combination of elderberry, nettle and elderflower give a potent dose of antioxidants while calming irritated sinuses with soothing nettle and elderflower. If you're dealing with seasonal allergy symptoms, try our Allergy Defense today! We always stand behind our products with our "100% Love It" Guarantee. If you don't love something, we'll help you find another product or send you a refund!

Being prepared for “sickness season” is key! Make sure you're washing hands and stock up on your favorite Seattle Elderberry products today!

How We can Support You

Want to know more about elderberries and how they have been shown to reduce severity and duration of flu symptoms in clinical trials? READ MORE HERE


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