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Our Seasonal Support Elderberry To-Go™ is a super-concentrated, full-spectrum elderberry elixir designed to boost your immunity and it's got EXTRA goodness to relieve seasonal allergy symptoms!

What's inside? Organic Black elderberry + elderflower + nettle and a touch of Ceylon cinnamon. Our Seasonal Support To-Go is perfectly portable- toss a bag in your purse or backpack, and take your immune-boosting and seasonal-supporting powers on the go! There is NO refrigeration required, so you can take this 2oz bottle on the go! This is a vegan, sugar-free tincture. Safe for the whole family!* 

ECO-FRIENDLY: Each shipment is delivered in 100% recyclable packaging (down to the tape!)

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure, or prevent any disease.

organic, non-GMO vegetable glycerin (from flax), organic elderberries, filtered water, organic nettle, organic elderflower & organic Ceylon cinnamon.
Contains 750mg of elderberry extract (sambucus nigra) per 1ml serving!

Shelf stable for 2 years, no need to refrigerate.

Adults: 1 dropper (1ml) daily
Children: 5-10 drops daily, dependent on weight*

Take recommended amount every 2-3 hours until symptoms subside.

 *Not intended for use with very young infants.

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we keep it

we use super simple organic ingredients.

NEVER refined sugars.
NEVER artificial colors.
NEVER fake sweeteners.

the result?
FREAKING DELICIOUS immune support.