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DIY Elderberry Gummies

DIY Elderberry Gummies

If you're here, I'm guessing that you are EXCITED about our Elderberry Gummy Kit! You're about to make THE BEST ELDERBERRY GUMMIES ever! Here are a few common Facts and Questions!

Our Elderberry Gummy Kits contain everything you need to make your own elderberry gummies at home!

elderberry gummies

HOW LONG WILL MY GUMMIES LAST? Your homemade gummies should last 2 weeks in the fridge- keep them in an airtight container!

HOW LONG DO THEY TAKE TO MAKE? It's pretty quick! You need about 5-7 minutes to cook your gummy mixture on the stovetop, and once you transfer to a silicone mold, refrigerate for about 2 hours before transferring your gummies to a food storage container! 

ARE THESE VEGAN? Our organic agar powder is derived from seaweed, so it's totally plant-based! Use our vegan, maple-sweetened elderberry to keep your gummies vegan!

HOW MANY GUMMIES SHOULD I TAKE? Adults, take 2 daily, kiddos take 1! Take your recommended amount every 2-3 hours if you're feeling under the weather.

CAN I GIVE THESE TO MY INFANT/TODDLER? I'd stick to liquid syrup for your little ones. If you feel confident in your toddler's chewing abilities, we suggest cutting the gummy into smaller pieces! We've got a great blog post about kids and elderberry HERE.

CAN I USE A Seattle Elderberry DIY KIT? Yep! Feel free to make elderberry syrup at home, and then just use 1 cup of your syrup when making gummies! Purchase your gummy packets or silicone molds below!

vegan gummy mixsilicone mold and droppers

ARE YOUR GUMMY BAGS COMPOSTABLE? HECK YES! You know we love our commitment to eco-conscious packaging. 

PSST... you'll earn rewards on EVERY purchase at Seattle Elderberry! Earn 1 star per dollar you spend! 


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