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Sickness and Allergies: November 2023

Written by: Holly Cooper


In our third installment of our “Sickness and Allergy” tracker, we're looking at a snapshot of the latest sickness and allergy trends across the USA. We have officially crossed into “Flu Season” where more than 2.9% of outpatient visits were for Respiratory Illness,.

Last month, there wasn't much increase in influenza-like illness or COVID. Flu season in the US typically starts to ramp up in November, and that's exactly what we see in this snapshot! Here's the deal- we hate that people get sick. That's precisely why we make FREAKING DELICIOUS, effective  immune products to help you stay healthy! 


One caveat we'd like to point out is that reporting and testing for illness is not all-inclusive. Many people will get sick and never head to the doctor, so these numbers are representative of a sample of individuals. Testing is also not always accurate and our interpretation of the data is just an interpretation. We are also not doctors, so please consult a trusted healthcare professional when necessary.

Factors that Influence Flu Season

Before we dive into the current data, let's take a look at what influences the onset of “flu season”:


  1. The Weather: Ever wonder why the flu tends to strike in winter? Cold, dry air allows the flu virus to survive longer and transmit more easily. Plus, low humidity can dry out our nasal passages, making us more susceptible to infection. It's not just the chill in the air that gets you; it's also the flu! (Source: Harvard University)

  2. Changes in Social Behavior: When it's cold outside, we tend to huddle indoors, increasing our close contact with others. More people in less space means the virus can hop from person to person like a game of leapfrog! This is also usually why we see an uptick in illness as kids head back to school. (Source: CDC)

  3. Immune System Fluctuations: Factors like vitamin D and melatonin levels can affect our immune system's ability to fight off infections. In winter, we get less sunlight (hello, shorter days!), which can lead to lower vitamin D levels. And guess what? That can make us more prone to catching the flu. (Source: NCBI)

  4. Virus Mutation: Influenza viruses are notorious for their ability to change and adapt. These genetic changes can impact the virus's transmissibility and virulence, making some flu seasons worse than others. Talk about an unwelcome surprise! (Source: CDC)

Each of these factors plays a crucial role in shaping the flu season in the USA. We can't change the weather, but we can make small changes to our routines like using cool-mist humidifiers, drinking plenty of fluids, washing hands, keeping our distance when we feel unwell and taking steps to support a healthy immune system.

Influenza Sickness Tracker

FLU: This map of the United States is really decking itself out in Holiday colors isn't it? Many states are experiencing an increase in Influenza-like-illness. Influenza A seems to be the dominant strain this year with 79%  with the dominant subtype of H1N1. (CDC Influenza Surveillance Report)

Washing hands is ALWAYS important, but it's an extremely helpful habit when germs are circulating! Plus, taking a daily dose of elderberry may help to lessen the severity and duration of cold and flu symptoms!

OLD Week Ending October 14, 2023
PAST: Week Ending October 14, 2023
Week Ending November 18, 2023
CURRENT: Week Ending November 18, 2023

COVID Tracker

COVID: It seems that areas with previous COVID activity have decreased and the coasts are dealing with a moderate amount (5-10%) of positive tests. We're curious to see the impact of the holidays and will likely check back in 2-3 weeks to see the impact of larger gatherings like Thanksgiving on nationwide test positivity!

OLD COVID Tracker from CDC Ending October 14, 2023
PAST: COVID Tracker from CDC Ending October 14, 2023
NEW COVID Tracker from CDC Ending November 18
CURRENT: COVID Tracker from CDC Ending November 18
OLD COVID Tracker from CDC Ending Oct 14
PAST: COVID Tracker from CDC Ending Oct 14
COVID Tracker from CDC Ending Nov 18
CURRENT: COVID Tracker from CDC Ending Nov 18

Seaonal Allergy Map

ALLERGIES: Pollen levels across the US are nearly all in the “low” range! Allergy sufferers, rejoice! A reduction in seasonal allergies is what we expect in the cooler months as plants go dormant. We find that even though allergen levels are low, traveling to different parts of the country can still exacerbate seasonal allergies because our systems aren't used to the pollens, molds and danders present in other parts of the country. While most of our Seattle Elderberry staff isn't traveling this holiday season, we've all agreed that our Allergy Defense products would be our top choice of product to bring along! Allergy Defense offers immune support plus fast & natural allergy relief- all in one!

OLD Allergy Map October 23, 2023
OLD Allergy Map October 23, 2023
CURRENT  Allergy Map November 29, 2023
CURRENT Allergy Map November 29, 2023


Flu season is upon us, but theres's no need to be scared when you can be prepared! Elderberry has been shown to lessen both the severity and duration of influenza symptoms when taken at the onset of illness. Don't delay, make sure you're stocked with elderberry TODAY!

Like we mentioned above, our Allergy Defense products are also exceptionally helpful in lessening symptoms associated with seasonal allergens. The powerful combination of elderberry, nettle and elderflower give a potent dose of antioxidants while calming irritated sinuses with soothing nettle and elderflower. If you're dealing with seasonal allergy symptoms, try our Allergy Defense today! 

We always stand behind our products with our "100% Love It" Guarantee. If you don't love something, we'll help you find another product or send you a refund!

How We can Support You

Want to know more about elderberries and how they have been shown to reduce severity and duration of flu symptoms in clinical trials? READ MORE HERE


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